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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wraps in use!

Melissa, a mom of 6, explored a cave with her family while toting around her youngest in the wrap (and occasionally also carrying her 3yr old on her back!) She's a SUPERMOM.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Wrap

The Baby Wrap
Baby Wraps are $20 with up to 2 fabrics used for the panel. 
Contact me for fabric choices, these are all custom orders and I have limited fabric in stock and can send examples of what I have or use what you are looking for to send fabric selections from the store stock.
Special requests may be more.


Dipes n' Wipes

dipes n' wipes $15-20


Nursing Covers

Simple Nursing Covers are 36"x24" of single layer fabric with an adjustable strap and curved boning allowing any mommy to easily bond with baby and navigate nursing in public modestly.
Simple covers come with a matching strap or a coordinating strap made of different fabric.
Simple Nursing Cover: $22
 Simple nursing cover, inquire about other products shown if interested

Custon cover, more detail, price varies

As I mentioned I do custom orders just for you. If you want it a specific way or detail I am at your service.